Ski room

At our guests disposal we provide a heated room for skis, snowboards or bicycles. The room was equipped with an electric dryers for shoes or gloves. This can also serve as a pram or bicycle storage room.

Putting cold and wet ski boots in the morning? Brrrr ....!

This feeling does not belong to the nicest. But what if we put on a warm, dry boots? It improves humor, doesn't it? Not only nicer but just hygienic! Moisture is a habitat for bacteria. And another thing - well-drained shoes, which we care about, will simply serve us longer. We encourage you to use a shoe dryer. They are perfect for drying shoes - both ski and casual. You can also use them to dry ski gloves. The dryer starts by turning the timer knob. They turn off automatically after the set time. If after that time your shoes are still moist, repeat the drying. When you are done, please put your stuff aside so that other guests can use the dryers. Thank you.