Finnish sauna

After a day of mountain hiking, skiing, cycling downhill runs from the highest peaks or walking and playing with children, we invite our guests to regenerate in the Finnish sauna. Our sauna is open at selected times for all our guests. Use of it does not require a reservation and is included in the price of our apartments. Approximately 45 minutes before using the sauna, turn on the stove - detailed instructions are in place. Next to the sauna you will find a relaxation area with sun loungers, shower and toilet.

The effect of sauna on health

Finnish sauna is a great experience with many benefits for the body. The air in the room warms up to 110 ° C and the humidity reaches 30%. Research shows that it has a great impact on our health. Heat opening pores cleanses them from impurities, leveling the skin temperature, allowing it to keep it clean and beautiful. Also after a workout, eg jogging, you are advised to take a dip in the sauna. Due to the sauna, our skin softens, the muscles and joints are leveled off, the breathing is easier, and the high blood pressure is lowered.

How to properly use the sauna

Before entering the sauna, you should equip yourself with two towels and water. Do not use the sauna bath when you are under the influence of alcohol or just after eating. Remember to wash your make-up and take off your glasses, jewelry or watch. The correct bath consists of cycles: warming - cooling - relaxation, which can be repeated as many times as we allow our well-being. The optimum amount is three cycles, but to a large extent this is an individual matter. The first step should be the shower, followed by thorough drying of the entire body including the hair, which being moist may be damaged by hot air. Remember that sauna sessions rely on the high contrast of the thermal stimulus, so we should be alternating at low and high temperatures. Regardless of our position, we should lie or sit on a towel so that our body does not come into contact with the wood. In the sauna we can stay from 8-15 minutes - depending on our well-being. On the wall is an hourglass measuring a quarter of an hour, which will make it easier to measure time. Let's keep in mind that people who start their adventure with the sauna should occupy the lowest level where the temperature is lower. At the end of the show you can pour hot stones with water or throw in ice cubes. Then a couple is released that warms our body even more. When we feel we no longer have the ability to stand in the sauna, we must leave. Then take a cool shower, dry up and rest on a sun lounger. If we go it is worth remembering to take the book, because we should spend a few minutes relaxing. After 2-3 times of this cycle, rest phase should be about 30 minutes. During each rest, remember to replenish the fluids. Around a liter of mineral water or juice.